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McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

“Do You Love Pointless Situations and Children Shrieking Imperatives at You? Apply to be a Childcare First Responder”

The Belladonna Comedy

“If Other Organizations Sent “Your Memories From…” Emails Like Social Media Sites”


“The Parental Paranoia Game Played When Picking Up Your 15-Year-Old From High School”

MuddyUm, Medium.com

“FAQs About the Hormonal Roller Coaster From Hell Known As Perimenopause and Menopause”

“Does This Suitcase Make My Butt Look Fat? FAQs About TSA’s New Airport Insecurity Line”

“Other People, Besides Children, Who Should Have Their Own Sections in an Airplane”

“To Wake or Not to Wake the Snoring Man in the Theater”

“I Know My Place in Line and It Is in Front of You”

“Diary of Writing a Masterpiece or Living a Dystopian Hell: National Novel Writing Month”

“My Teenage Possessions from the 70s That Might Appear If Climate Change Dries Up Minnesota Lakes”

“If You Give a Writer a Pen”

“User Manual for Your Apple Remote, Also Known as ‘I AM Clicking It!’

“Overheard in Eden After Adam and Eve Ate the Apple”

“Today, August 15, is National Relaxation Day”

“Valentine’s Poems About Trump’s Habit of Ripping Documents to Shreds”

“I Play Goofy at Disneyland and See Bad Behavior Every Day”

“Meatloaf Meets St. Peter and Finds Out That Two Out of Three IS Bad”

Merman Upset About Lack of Representation in Public Monuments

“How I Envision Editors Responding to My Story Versus Reality”

“To Increase the Birthrate, Let’s Give Mom a General Contractor”

“Move over Musk. There is a New Billionaire in Town”

“I am a Brand New Writer and I am very, very good at critiquing other Writers”

Thoughts I Had When the Editor for My First-Ever-Published-Story Asked Me to Provide a Different Ending

“The Delta Variant: The Middle School Bully of the 2021-2022 School Year”

“An Attitude of Gratitude as I Stand at my Kitchen Sink and Wash an Endless Supply of Dishes”

Frazzled, Medium.com

“Mom? Is it True Your Vagina Has an Antenna to Find Lost Objects?”

“If Parents and Kids Provided Ride Sharing Reviews of Each Other”

“A Worksheet From Your Child’s Teacher While She is Out Sick During the Winter of Our Discontent”

“I Am the Louse on Your Child’s Head, and I Am Tired of COVID Usurping My Throne as The Worst Bug Kids Bring Home from School

“As a Mom, Things I Wished Happened Only Once a Day, Instead of Wordle”

“I am Your New Range, and Do NOT Let Your Kids Near Me”

“Is it a Zombie Apocalypse or Teenagers Leaving High School?”

“Emergency Flashing Vehicle Lights for Those Non-Medical “Emergencies” That Parents Must Deal With Daily”

“Guess Who’s Not Coming to Dinner”

“14 Ways I Have Disappointed My 14 in the Last 14 Days”

The Memoirist, Medium.com

“My Child’s Future Rested on the Results of the Next MRI”

“The First Time Ends in Embarrassment”

“My Daughter Found her Nirvana in the Boys’ Section of a Clothing Store”

“Even Fixer-Uppers Need Love”

Black Bear, Medium.com

“Why I Have Not Been Writing Funny Stories About Being a Parent Lately”

Medium.com Publications

An Open Letter to the One Damn Fly Always Buzzing Around My Head”

“About Me-Amy Strommer”

Humor Me, Medium.com

“The Time I Found A Rat in the Barbeque”

Does this Happen to You?

Podcast by Kris Keppeler reading my story: “Mom, Is it True Your Vagina Has an Antenna to Find Lost Objects?”

Podcast by Kris Keppeler reading my story: “FAQs About the Hormonal Roller Coaster From Hell Known as Perimenopause and Menopause”

Podcast by Kris Keppeler reading my story: “The Time I Found a Rat in the Barbeque”


Competitor Magazine, August 2000

 “The Mountain Belongs to the Women.” 

Sonoma West Times and News

“El Molino get $25 grant for new laptops” – February 20, 2020

“Celebrated Chef leads El Mo Culnary Program.” -February 6, 2020

Village News- Saint Vincent de Paul Village

“Runners and Walkers Take to Freeway to Raise Money for Share.” – September 28, 1996

“Anti-Bias Curriculum Teaches Awareness of Differences.” – August 1996

“Loma Square Charity Rally.” – February 10, 1994

“St. Vincent de Paul’s Triathlon Sets the Pace.” -September 20, 1994