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ActiveNoodleNotes Follows the Lead of Facebook and Rebrands to Remain Relevant

Following in the footsteps of recently completed a rebranding.

According to Amy Strommer, CEO/President/Vice President and every other position held in her one-person company, “I have heard that the metaverse is where it is at. I must keep up with the social media companies to stay relevant, so I have rebranded to,” explained Amy Strommer.

“However, I have no idea what the metaverse is and Shannon has been too busy with her computer studies to explain it to me, but hopefully, someday she will.”

Strommer confirmed that she will continue to deliver the same semi-humorous blog posts, slightly amusing essays, and random comedic quotes to her 14 devoted fans under her new brand. “I will continue to provide the intermittent, inconsistent, and illogical content that I have always provided just under a new name.” 

Though Strommer states that she is rebranding to reposition the site around the metaverse, which she sees “as a key growth area that can attract younger users” (at least that is what Mark Zuckerberg said and he should know), an anonymous whistle blower seems to have contributed to this change.

The whistle blower stated in a formal complaint lodged over breakfast one morning: “What does ‘Active Noodle Notes’ mean and why do I want to read those notes, mom?” Consistent with her nature as more of a lazy parent, instead of explaining the reasoning behind the name, Strommer could be heard muttering, “What the f***? Fine. I will just change the name to something simple that does not need an explanation.”

The whistle blower also stated, “Mom, no one my age reads blog posts or email for that matter, but whatever you want to do, mom, is fine but can we leave now because I need to get to school?” 

Strommer is looking forward to this new chapter with as it is a known brand for her as far as names goes, but the foray into the metaverse is a new venture. 

“I am excited for this new step. I want to build a virtual world for writing where my stories can exist just momentarily and then be gone, like a bad smell.” 

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