It is what’s on the inside that counts!

I love traditions! I grew up enjoying the traditional Easter basket, egg hunt, and Sunrise Service at church.  Once I had my own family, we continued two of the three traditions. Since my husband rises most days at 8:30, Sunrise Service was out, so Easter baskets and egg hunts it was.  Basically, we followed the rationale of the singer Meatloaf, “Cause, two out of three ain’t bad.” 

Moving is a bitch.

This year, we celebrated Easter morning with non-traditional Easter items. We moved from Northern California to San Diego last August. Since we are remodeling the garage, some of our stuff is in storage up north.  A few days ago, when my daughter went to look for the Easter storage box, she could not find it. I was SURE that I had packed it and stomped out to search. Nope. This time my mom superpower of finding lost items was not working. Bummer. My kids wanted to buy new Easter items, but I figured we might find the box someday. I had another idea.

It’s not ugly!

I like to think that I am doing my part to Reduce what I buy and Re-use what I already have. I did not need to buy any baskets for the kids’ Easter candy. The closet is overflowing with plastic bags that accumulated during COVD when reusable bags were prohibited in the store. Win! Win! Let’s just put some candy in a plastic bag and hide that! It’s not ugly. It is environmentally friendly. And really, it is all about the candy.

“A-Tisket, A-Tasket”

Here are my kids displaying their Easter “basket/bags.” When I relayed this story to my sister, she sang a song appropriate for the occasion: (By the way, when I am around my sister, it is like living in a musical!) 

“A-Tisket, A-Tasket.

A green and yellow …..BAG!”

Just does not have the same ring to it. 

I hope that next year we will have our Easter baskets. If not, maybe we will stick to two out of three Easter traditions again but getting my husband out of bed before sunrise will be a bitch! 

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